Paradise Ridge Challenge Course
Experiential team building for meaningful relationships, trust, and respect

Youth Summer Camps
A week-long, action-packed outdoor experience full of discovery and challenge for ages  6-14.
Youth School Programs
We take pride in our wide selection of quality services. All programs are tailored to the unique group and guided by experienced, trustworthy staff who are eager to make your event a life-engaging experience.
PRCC brings out the best in kids. Students bond, cheering each other on, which translates to their work in the classroom. 
Family Activities
Engaging challenges and discovering "we are stronger together!" An awesome opportunity for growth, bonding and fun!
Adult and Corporate Programs
Corporate, university, religious, and other organizational groups use PRCC as a place to get on the same page and grow as a team.
Have a stellar program idea, but not sure it fits a category listed above? Email us 
to share your vision and we'll do all we can to make it a reality!
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