Paradise Ridge Challenge Course
An Experiential Adventure in Building Meaningful Relationships, Trust & Respect

Paradise Ridge Challenge Testimonials
"I have been bringing groups of adolescents and young adults to work with Keith on challenge courses since 1995. The groups I have brought to the challenge course have been quite varied, including a local college fraternity, my daughter's soccer team and numerous high school classes. Keith and his facilitators have consistently provided a safe, fun environment where the groups--and the individuals within them--are indeed challenged, both physically and emotionally. Without exception and regardless of the weather, my groups experienced a great day of team building in a beautiful outdoor setting. More importantly, the groups learn more effective communication skills and develop distinctly deeper levels of trust and respect for each other, which continues to impact their group dynamics when they return to the settings where they interact with each other on a daily basis. I firmly believe one or multiple days on the challenge course is a great investment for any group."  JON SCRIPTER, Guidance Counselor, Genesee School   
Paradise Ridge Challenge takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients in designing custom challenges that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
This program was absolutely amazing! I brought a group of college leaders to the ropes course and we learned so much about leadership, teamwork and about ourselves. I would recommend this program to anyone! This experience made the whole team closerand allowed us to start the school year with a great work environment. Keith did a great job motivating and challenging us. He really made us think about each challenge and how we can reflect on it in our every day lives. Honestly, a great program. Thanks Keith!- ROBYN AHERNS, Event Coordinator, WSU
"The Paradise Ridge Challenge Course gave my students experience challenging themselves and working as a team. They also had a great time camping and experiencing the outdoors. They loved listening to stories in the Tepee and conducting fieldwork on the site. Overall, this was a fantastic experience for my students and we hope to do it every year!"   JENIELLE  BRANEN, Palouse Prairie School
"In my years working with Mr. Haley I have seen hundreds of children develop greater self-confidence by facing and walking through challenges that they never thought they could conquer. These incredible opportunities, which would be difficult or even impossible to duplicate in my classroom, have been made available through the programs run by Mr. Haley.

I take my 7th graders to the Paradise Ridge Challenge course each fall to learn communication and team working skills. Then, throughout the year, I challenge them to draw from their experiences there as they encounter difficult events at school or at home.  ERIC NORDQUIST, Colton teacher
"The Boy Scouts of America’s mission is to develop good character and leadership skills in our youth to prepare them for the future. The Paradise Ridge Challenge Course offers the tools and resources to make that a reality. For the past two years local Scouts have participated in a Challenge Adventure Program with Paradise Ridge with great success. I have personally witnessed “shy” individuals come out of their shell and demonstrate great potential in leadership and others complete a task they first thought impossible. The staff at Paradise Ridge Challenge Course are very knowledgeable and run a very safe program. I highly recommend any group take the challenge."  JOSH PAPARAZZO - Chief, Kamiakin District, Executive Inland Northwest Council, Boy Scouts of America 
"The challenge course was a great way for the ballroom team to get to know each other's limitations and help each other to overcome them. It was a great bonding experience with a lot of coming together to produce the best results. Everyone stepped up to the challenges and our personal limits and goals were defined. Everyone worked well together and those who normally are quiet and on the side stepped into leadership positions as the time came. Calming it all down with some time by the fire and overnight camping on a beautiful site overlooking Moscow and surrounded by nature was a perfect get-away for a weekend of fun. I look forward to having the team do it again in the future, and doing some more of the endless challenges onsite".  GARRETT LUMENS, University of Idaho
"Thank you for giving us this amazing experience!  I thought it was really awesome.  I felt like I want to do this 100,000,000 times.  I learned that doing service work made me happy.  I worked hard at the tirezan and the wall.  I really liked doing service work." 
Sincerely, Jonna - 4th grader
"Thank you for letting us camp at Paradise Ridge.  I thought I wouldn't make it over the wall.  I felt happy and excited.  I learned a lot about teamwork.  I worked really hard..."
Sincerely, Cathan - 4th grader
"I felt everyone would be successful.  I learned to trust each other.  I worked really hard at being courageous at the zip-line..."
Sincerely, Koyote
"I felt excited.  I learned to be responsible.  I worked really hard at being nice.  I really like zip-lineing..."
Sincerely, Elijah
Both of my sons (9 & 11) participated in the Paradise Ridge Challenge Course during the summer of 2011. It was a lesson in social expansion for them - they learned how to connect with other campers through fun, common goals and team work, all the while building trust, confidence and self-esteem. It's essential for children to learn that they can make friends wherever they go in life. The PRCC promotes INCLUSION and PEER SUPPORT in an age where children are excluded and bullied in schools. The PRCC also incorporates the wonder of nature in a safe setting where children can meet and overcome adversity. Learning how to face and conquer adversity builds character, and this character provides the vital strength to endure in life. Every child should be so fortunate to have these experiences early in life. My sons loved going each day and talked incessantly about all they experienced and achieved with a certain gleam in their eyes. If it was up to them, they would spend their entire summer at Paradise Ridge. Thank you Keith & Staff at PRCC!

They are VERY excited to participate again this year, and are eager for their cousin to share in the experience.  BECKY MILLER KOPF, Parent
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The Paradise Ridge Summer Camps are fantastic! Kids get to enjoy being outdoors hiking, fishing, learning archery or playing games. But what makes it extra special are the challenge courses. Not only are they super fun, they also help build confidence and teach problem solving skills. It is one of the best day camps on the Palouse!- MARCIA HILL GOSSARD, parent